Wild Mushroom Flatbread with Cabernet Franc

by Debbie Ruskin

Vino Venue’s TOP selling item in first 2 weeks: The Wild Mushroom Flatbread

This delicious flatbread is being served up at the NEW Vino Venue–a wine bar, wine store, and new home of the Atlanta Wine School. The new menu of wine-inspired cuisine, rolled out only 2 weeks ago, features the Wild Mushroom Flatbread–to date the most often ordered menu item. As we enjoyed the first bites, we experienced the delicious, earthy and rich flavors of caramelized onions, woodsy mushrooms and tangy parmesan cheese, piled on a thin flatbread spread with roasted mushroom tapenade.

Our task was to pair these rich flavors with a wine to create a perfect match, to take the experience to the next level. Our expert team–Vino Venue Manager Rob with kitchen assistant David, myself and Vino Venue’s designer/architect Jeffery Baker, we were up for the challenge.

The first wines we sampled were Pinot Noirs from Oregon, Sonoma Coast and the Russian River Valley, but they were too tame for the rich mushrooms. We began focusing on pairing the mushrooms but the caramelized onions offered a sweet richness that we needed to factor into the pairing. So, thinking outside the box, we tried a Cabernet Franc. This particular wine offers flavors of deep red fruits with herbal earthiness, acidity and a bit of spice. I think the wine’s nuances help round out the sweetness and earthy flavors of the flatbread and created a complex, delicious food experience–overall a nice wine pairing.

Our wine selection was Hahn Estate Cabernet Franc 2007, California Central Coast; Vino Venue price $19

Hahn is a favorite winery of mine; we visited this beautiful Santa Lucia Highlands winery last May during our AWS Monterey/Carmel Food and Wine trip. This vintage is described by the winery as having a spicy, wild combination of cedar and raspberry flavors with pleasant low tannins with a hint of clove and white pepper between rich flavors of cocoa and bittersweet chocolate. This wine pairs well with pork, chicken and fish, pizza and roasted vegetables. With the wine’s acidity and soft tannins, even salads can pair with cabernet franc.

Visit Vino Venue and sample this pairing!

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